February Refresh with The Sparkle Program!

Online Group Cleanse - Starts 3rd February 2020

Imagine having enough energy to tackle everything on your to-do list AND enjoy some me time! Would you like to take the stress out of healthy eating, with easy to follow meal plans, delicious recipes and simple shopping lists ready-made for you? Are you ready to put the sparkle back in your step? What if you could: 

  • take the stress out of dinner time with ready-made meal plans, recipes and shopping lists 
  • learn simple stress management strategies you can implement right away 
  • put an end to brain fog, belly aches and bloating 
  • receive professional guidance from an experienced naturopath and nutritionist  

...just by following a simple done-for-you program for just 28 days?  

Why The Sparkle Program Is Made Just For You...

I created The Sparkle Program to help busy, tired women kick start their way to better health. I see so many women on a similar journey - committed to improving their health but not having the time, money or confidence to get started. The Sparkle Program is designed to support you and simplify taking that first step. I believe healthy eating should be enjoyable, and improving your health doesn’t need to be hard. So there’s no starvation or fad diets here. Just evidence-based nutrition, naturopathic support, and all the tools you need to succeed with your personal health journey. ~ Linda Back, Naturopath  

When you sign up to The Sparkle Program February Refresh you receive:  

  •  Access to the 28-day online program 
  •  Meal plans, recipes and shopping lists 
  •  Weekly guides and tips to keep you on track 
  •  Healthy lifestyle techniques and stress management tools 
  •  Access to the exclusive Sparkle Online Community including weekly coaching videos
  •  A 1:1 online consultation with Linda to discuss your unique needs and goals
  •  4 weeks worth of Practiioner-Only nutritional supplements to help you get the most out of your Program
  •  LymFATic glove and cream set to improve circulation, reduce inflammation and stimulate the removal of toxins


FREE access to Naturopathic Yoga™

A unique therapeutic online yoga program you can complete in the comfort and privacy of your own home, suitable for all experience levels

Total value of over $835.00!  

Less than a month from now, you could be feeling refreshed and replenished, all while enjoying delicious easy meals, receiving weekly guidance, and having access to 24-7 support in the exclusive Sparkle community group.  

What are you waiting for? 

Personalise Your Program...

Choose from...

  •  One easy payment of $597.00 (save $238.00)


  •  Split the cost up and pay half now and the remainder in a month (2 x payments of $325.00 - save $185.00)
One easy payment of 

2 x monthly payments of


How can the program help me? 

The Sparkle Program combines naturopathic principles with evidence based nutritional guidance and realistic lifestyle advice to support your personal health goals. 

Best of all, the program takes just 28 days to complete - allowing you to enjoy positive change in a few short weeks, while inspiring healthy new habits for the future.  

Why people choose The Sparkle Program  

  •  More energy 
  •  Better quality sleep 
  •  Mental clarity 
  •  Happy bellies - no more tummy upsets! 
  •  Kick-start weight loss 
  •  Clear detoxification pathways  

Meet Linda

Linda Back Naturopath & The Sparkle Program Founder  

As well as creating online health resources like The Sparkle Program, I am a naturopath, nutritionist and herbalist, run a naturopathy clinic in Toowoomba, and juggle a busy family life as a mother of twins.  

So I understand the challenges women face in balancing self care with so many competing priorities.  

I believe a back-to-basics approach is the best way to support healthy habits and feel re-energised when we’ve lost that ‘spark’.  

That’s why I developed The Sparkle Program.  

I am passionate about helping people reclaim their health and wellbeing, and supporting the body with evidence-based herbal and nutritional medicines.  

I have the pleasure of working with people living with a wide range of health conditions, including chronic stress, fatigue, gut discomfort, hormonal imbalances, thyroid issues, autoimmune disorders and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the program require a lot of time or effort?

The program has been designed to fit easily into your life without causing any extra stress. I have found that one of the easiest ways for people to improve their health and overcome overwhelm is to have a step-by-step process to follow - which is why The Sparkle Program comes with ready-made meal plans, prep guides (that tell you WHAT to prepare and WHEN) and shopping lists. My Weekly Guides provide an insight into what actually goes on inside your body, as well as my tips for success.

I'm nervous about committing to 4 weeks - do I have to stick to the program the whole time? 

The foods and recipes in the program have been designed to be tasty and easy to make, so you’ll WANT to stick to the program. Of course, I provide flexibility to ensure the program works with your busy lifestyle.

Do I have to give up my favourite foods? 

The program includes delicious foods such as pancakes, smoothies, chocolate-flavoured muffins, frittata, shawarma, Mexican and Mediterranean-style meals, puddings and even an ice-cream alternative! So you will have plenty of tasty options. You are also free to create your own recipes from a wide range of delicious foods.

Am I locked in to following the meal plans? 

Not at all! The meal plans are there to make meal times easier for you if you like to have everything organised and not have to think about what to prepare for dinner. There is also the option to do the program freestyle, using your own food choices, or you can do a combination of the two. 

Will I lose weight on the program? 

It hasn't been designed specifically for weight loss, however members often report weight loss while completing The Sparkle Program. The program is perfect as a kick-start towards further weight-loss, while supporting your gut health and liver, which studies have shown to improve the body's ability to burn fat. 

Why is the program gluten- and dairy-free? 

Intolerances to gluten and dairy are common, and foods containing these ingredients can be difficult to metabolise and digest, leading to bloating. Taking a break from gluten and dairy may improve digestive function and detoxification pathways. 

But what about calcium? Will I become calcium deficient if I avoid dairy? 

The program includes plenty of calcium-rich, dairy alternatives. When your gut health is functioning at an optimal level, your body will be more able to absorb nutrients from the foods you eat.

Help! I have a special event coming up but I still want to do the program.

This program is designed to support you in making sustainable changes, including learning to make healthier choices when you’re away from your own kitchen. With a little forethought (and some ideas from Linda if you need them) you can successfully take part in all of your normal activities. 

I'm pregnant - can I still do the program? 

No, the program is not designed for pregnancy. Although the recipes and foods are suitable for pregnancy, this is not the time to be participating in a detoxification program. 

I'm breastfeeding - is the program safe for me and my baby?

Yes, with some adjustments made. As with pregnancy, all the recipes and foods are suitable however breastfeeding is not the time to be using strong supplements designed to enhance detoxification pathways. You may also find you need to adjust meals and serving sizes to suit your appetite and energy needs, to ensure you are receiving enough calories to support your milk production.

What about other family members - will I have to cook 2 different meals all the time? 

The suggested foods, recipes and meal plans have all been designed to be family-friendly. You are free to adapt the recipes to suit your family's tastes by adding extra ingredients or side dishes. And by using fresher, healthier foods you will be supporting your family's health as well!

I'm diabetic - can I still join?

Yes, with some adjustments made. Depending on how well-controlled your diabetes is, you may need to make some adjustments according to your individual recommendations from your doctor or diabetes educator, and monitor your blood glucose levels regularly. The program focuses on foods that have a low-glycaemic load and are high in antioxidants, as well as promoting healthier habits such as movement and stress management. 

Is the program suitable for vegetarians? 

Yes, you can do the program if you are vegetarian, however please be aware that many of the meals in the meal plans and recipe booklets include meat suggestions such as chicken or fish. You would need to adapt or swap these meals for a vegetarian alternative.

Do I need to stop taking my medication while I do the program?

Continue taking all medications as prescribed by your doctor. If you are taking a medication that requires you to adhere to a special diet (for example, a low-potassium diet for blood pressure or a low vitamin K diet while taking blood-thinning medication) please consult your healthcare practitioner prior to commencing the program.

 Do I need any special equipment?

Just a computer, tablet or smartphone so you can access your program files and join the Facebook group. A slow cooker is advantageous for some of the recipes (but not essential). And don't forget to bring your smile!

How many times can I participate in the program?

When you register for The Sparkle Program, you receive lifetime access to the material! This means you have access to all the resources and recipes anytime you want to use them.

Starts 3rd February 2020 - Grab Your Spot TODAY!

Choose from...

  •  One easy payment of $597.00 (save $238.00)


  •  Split the cost up and pay half now and the remainder in a month (2 x payments of $325.00 - save $185.00)

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